With my move to london, my life made a massive turn around….which was in actual fact the intended effect!

The first few days, i spent in a hostel in Victoria with my good friend Wiebke Jahn,

who i met only about a week prior to our departure to the big adventure.Wiebke is the sort of person you’d want at your side whenever you try out crazy new things, so thanks my dear!!

Being in the hostel, the tube, or generally just cruising through London in those first few days, made me draw, to comprehend all that i have seen in that short amount of time. And there was loads of new things…-they basically made my brain overflow with inspiration…

some random couple in the waiting area of the afore mentioned hostel…

people at the tube…..

a girl around piccadilly circus…

Though it wasn’t until later when i met Paul, that the whole drawing painting thing kicked off properly.


In fact, one of the first things we did together was drawing a picture…

He’s a very good artist too, and although he might not like reading this, i believe it’s a great shame that he doesn’t take the time anymore and actually practice his skills.So shame on you for that Pauli 😉 x

Nevertheless, it was him who kick-started the whole story. Perhaps not intentionally, but he did.

One day he suggested to actually do some painting together with watercolors he still had lying around somewhere.

I have to say, i am not the biggest fan of watercolors, as the thin application of the latter doesn’t really appeal to me. I guess it’s just not in my nature to apply thin…..

Anyhow, i did a painting with them to the distraught Paul, as i didn’t actually use them as intended, with a lot of water and very little paint, but actually with no water and thick paint straight out of the tube…:)

To avoid any further incidents with his beloved watercolors, Paul invested in a set of acrylics, brushes and canvas bord for me.

Those ones i immediately started using and what came out where my first two paintings, .. sunflower girl, and different point of views, which both by the way are crowning my dad’s walls these days

ah, and i found an old drawing to -different points of view too…

And the final product…

Also from this period is -the mask- which is now with my mum , adn there also exsists a drawing as to how this came to my mind …

And the final painting…

The inspiration to that came from the fireplace in our lounge back then- as i loved the daffodil artwork on the tiles surrounding it.

As very much visible, all my painting from that time have been all about exploring  colors and shapes. Another one of them was GREEN PEOPLE

This one i painted in four days of being struck down by an illness and bound to stay in bed.

I still love looking at it!

All in all, this was the time that i fell in love with painting and expressing myself through paintings, and that is an ongoing love affair!


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