My quest for hope…in art and else.

By that i really don’t mean that i don’t understand all of it, but i do have a slight issue with the idea that everything can be art, since- if everything can be art, then it somewhat makes the whole idea of art itself void- for equally- nothing can be art all the same.

In my world, and by no means is that anything for anybody to go by- to be an artist, is to create. I don’t entirely disagree with the notion, that just the idea is already somewhat of a creation, although i simply dislike  art for art’s sake. Meaning- in this day and age, that i like to call “big brother society” were everything must be shocking and outrageous to get any sort of  appreciation, where people are calling themselves realists, which in my eyes are only pessimists in disguise, – in this day and age, i believe what’s needed most, is artists that try and find beauty in the darkest of places.

I like dark art. I like it a lot in fact, though i do believe that it is not the task of the artist to make everything yet worse then it already is, but to try and find, what others can’t seem to see…some kind of beauty or hope maybe in need for other words…!

The more i converse about the same subject, the more questions it holds for me, one major one being: if anything is art- why do we need it any longer. If it entertains an idea, if it is a comment on the world, by no means -then it really is an over prized journal.

I for  one like art to stimulate me, to arouse me, to educate me, to give me hope, to give me an outlet of feelings i would otherwise not be able to digest, and fair enough, other artists make art for all those reasons too, yet i suppose, the great discomfort  prospers in the idea, that some people singlehandedly decide and make, what “contemporary art” is, as well as break the same idea. Say Saachi par example. He decides what is news in the art world. Quite like Rupert Murdoch in the world of news and entertainment, as well as Anna Wintour in the world of fashion.

I can’t quite place where my disconcertment about all this originates from, but it is something that is playing with my mind for quite sometime.

My latest work regarding that very issue, is ” if it wasn’t this, it would be something else”

It’s about my fear of pointlessness, of emptiness, of beauty just flying away like a butterfly. The very subject in the middle being Damian Hirst.

I suppose, it’s not just that. It’s the general hopelessness that i seem to encounter in my contemporaries. The serenity with which people around my age seem to accept the path that lies ahead for them. the numerous friends that encounter there midlife crises by the time they hit 30 , simply for they haven’t done what they have dreamed of when they were a little younger.

They stop challenging ideas, stop questioning what’s right or wrong, and almost feel to tired and worn out to even argue about it. All of it drains the life out of me some times, although at other times it seems to be the very force that keeps me going.

I love people that have an almost childish drive in them, a feeling that still all is possible if one can think it up. The kind that would rather appreaciate beauty then dwell on the ugly. The kind that take “impossible” as a challenge!

I am so fortunate to have people like that in my life because they inspire me so much. I’d really like to take this part of my blog to name but a few of these amazing individuals.

There would be Anne ( blondie) von Bengard


whom i clicked with exceedingly the first moment we’ve met. Anne is a very talented young lady , who looks at the world with the kind of fresh optimism that i like! I love all the colors in her artwork and she is never shy of trying new thing, and discovering herself in the process.

Then there is Philip Levine, whom’s thought-up head designs never cease to amaze me. I feel also very inspired by the drive Mr Levine has when it comes to creativity. He is- it seems – constantly on the go and has his first major exhibition coming up very soon.

There is Nicole Le grange, a fantastic south african lady that i met in a pub and whom’s energy and drive is very much inspiring to me! She too had recently her first launch of her own shoe label Nika- love art wear art


One last one, because otherwise this page will never end, is- lovely Jane Moore. She is also an illustrator and has recently launched her cartoon website ” ugly bug”


I love her illustrations, and she is a damn fine lady on top of that!

This is to name only a few as my list could go on forever, but i guess in writing it down, i am somewhat trying to keep myself aware of just how many great inspiring people i have in my life.

So i guess, to conclude( and that’s only for now) I wont stop trying to understand the deeper meaning of art and being as such, but i suppose as long as i have such fantastic people close to me, i am not lost at all!

Art is like masturbation.
It is selfish and introverted and done for you and you alone.

Design is like sex. there is someone else involved,
their needs are just as important as your own,
and if everything goes right,
both parties are happy in the end.

– Colin Wright




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