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why i love to be an artist, and in general- why life is great(mostly anyway :)

Hi all, i decided to cram in some general information about all the nice things i was lucky enough to have witnessed in the past few month, as well as the sad ones that nevertheless deserve mentioning. Part of me writing it might be a bit of narcissism, part might be me wanting to share, and yet another part doesn’t want things to be forgotten,- so there, if you’re interested, keep reading, if not..well stop here i suggest 😉 I mentioned this lovely lady before in my blog, but i would like to do it again, as she deserves it massively! Nicole Le Grange- also known as the founder of NIKA,                                                                                                                       She singlehandedly launched her own label a few month back in a lovely little gallery off Oxford street to an exited audience, which of course included me!                                                                                                                Her website is and you should definitely invest some time to check her shoes out! One excitement gone next one was already in the waiting. Mr Philip Levine’s Headism exhibition. It’s still on untill tomorrow, so i strongly recommend popping down there if you have the chance to! Phil has been all over London in an impressive advertising campaign that announced the forthcoming show. If you’d like to read more, check out Also,- i’m in the show- so that alone should be reason enough for you to pop down 😉 Another happy event was Rick and Rosa Tozer’s wedding, which means nothing to anyone who doesn’t know these two lovely creatures, but trust me when i say- they are worth knowing!!!  A -not so nice event- was the earthquake in Japan, as most of you know, though nevertheless did it bring the good people out ones again and out came -DEATH DRAWING- which was an event at the metalworkz in Angel trying to raise funds for Japan. That meant that Santiago Genochio staged an incredible japanese-rope-bondage performance which all attendants then drew.

In addition to that, my lovely little mermaid Anne Von Bengard organized  an art auction, where artists, such as myself could donate a piece of art and the returns were donated too! It was a fun night as i was giving her a hand with the whole event.All in all the whole evening was a great success!

(this was another fundraising artwork of mine for the red cross)

Shortly after that Anne curated another exhibition at a party called RUMPUS, where i had the honor of being part once again.Check out her blog btw! She’s a fabulous artiste in her own right

In general i have to say that the past few month have been massively creative for me, as i have been busy with my monster project, yet to keep sane and not completely drown in ‘monstering’ i drew, i painted  and in general produced a hell of a lot of artwork, which was all in all really very satisfying!

those are but a few results….

Daf and Blondie (Anne) were the first couple of wood-paintings i attempted, followed by those two

and since one of my favorite subjects of all times is and will remain- ME 😛

Of course it’s not just me 😉

Those are woodpaintings of and as mentioned before Philip Levine.

I have been experimenting with mixed media such as paper mache and ‘sort-of’ installations…..

And then recently i started experimenting with ink on bristol, which is an amazingly sharp finish!

The lovely lady on the left is another fellow german and one of the gorgeous models of my Monsters and Kink project. The rather charming looking  spineless c***face on the right is another fabulous example that one should only trust in ones own abilities when it comes to the unrelenting world of working adults, in which everyone tries to get ahead only to serve oneself ….! In short- this is my other half’s ex-boss, and as you may have noticed in the past, people that piss me off deserve my undivided attention, as i believe in Karma, and one of those days spineless individuals will get  back what they so crudely caused in the first place….!

I also designed a couple of T-shirt’s for my friend Anthony Noll’s label

which can be purchased either online or @ Topman as well as selfridges

On a sadder note, i would like to mention my friend Pierre Cassen’s name here, as he sadly passed away on april the 24th 2011. he died of an epileptic fit at the age of 31 in the city i gave my heart to- Barcelona…!

it is amazing how life can snap back into perspective in an instant when you loose a friend…! i still can’t quite grasp my loss here, but i try every day and there will definitely be some artwork involved in my mourning process at some point.

It just goes to show how fragile it all is, and how quick it can be over.It makes me even more determined to try and appreciate everyday to it’s fullest, to be content in what i do- to try and not hurt anyone and to live my life as the gift that it is, to be grateful for what i own and what skills i have, to spend time with the people i love and inspire me, stay away from those that don’t, and to try to inspire others too in the process.

At that i will draw this post to an end, since it’s been quite some essay already. My Monster-update will shortly follow, with all the delicious making off pic, as well as Archie’s adventure into the fetish scene and some more comic action regarding Monsters and Kink




One major change in my life -additionally to the breakup, the move, the living by myself again, was my growing interest in Tattoos.

I’ve always had a thing for body art, yet was to scared of the pain, and the permanence of the image.

Turning 25 last year and craving a big change or frankly something NEW , i finally went for what i was dreading so long. The image i knew for years. A poppy…of course!

Actually going to get it done was such a huge thing for me, and i didn’t want anybody with me there for that very reason. I went with many friends in the past to hold their hand etc. but this one i wanted to go through alone.

So i went. What can i say…the fact that i got it done on a place that normally doesn’t see the light of day very often, left me being everything- but alone 😉 In fact , the opposite was the case, as i attracted quite a little crowd that watched whilest i was laying basically pants down …

The artist of that piece is Steward Robson of Frith Street Tattoo in Soho

One of them was Craig. Craig’s a photographer for bands Tattoos etc, which wasn’t all that obvious right away, as i just assumed he’d be another Tattooist, judging by the vast amount of body art that adorns his body. You should check out his myspace page below !!!

He’s one of those strange individuals that i have been drawn to and inspired by my whole life.So far, i only ever did a drawing , but i’m sure that one day he’ll also end up being a subject of one of my paintings, as he is just to interesting a person, to not paint him !


So that was Tattoo no 1, of which i will actually not put any pics up here…:)

Tattoo number 2 Was the poppy  and shaded stars on my wrist, created by Lianne Moule of Flamin 8

I love this one a lot, as it’s the one i see most of the time, and it’s just so beautifully crafted!!!!Now that wasn’t all for that year, as my little new found addiction just so started to blossom and november came, and Tattoo no 3 with that…

The idea to that i simply got of a photo, which i then drew, gave to Lianne and then got it tattooed on my neck, where i still always admire it when i  put my hair up.

Those ones are only the beginning of a vast growing collection over my body. Having  Tattoo’s, especially those one on public display often makes me talk about them too, as simply people would approach me about them. Mostly because they find them rather unusual, as they don’t actually typecast me into any kind of scene.  I believe that the reason for that would be the fine artistic skill with which they have been inked into my skin.

Also very often people tell me that they would like a Tattoo but are to scared to get one because of similar or even the same reasons that i delayed my first one for so long. Now there are a few things i’d like to say to that subject:

Firstly…. i think it’s the smarter way, to find an image first, than research about Tattooists that have the style i am looking for, since-don’t forget or underestimate- Tattooists are very talented artists that have their very unique and own style. You wouldn’t ever go to Dali and tell him to paint a Picasso for you, that just wouldn’t be very smart at all, and is also -in my opinion- disrespectful to the artists own style!

Once you found one go there with your ideas and maybe even drafts or pictures and talk to them thoroughly. If they are good, they will make it pretty easy for you to understand what’s possible and what not. Listen to them as they are the pro’s!!!

I always have my own idea, and research for a particular style that i like, but i also like the artist to give it their own identity and twist by drawing it up themselves, as that way everyone is happy in the end!!

I have been really happy about each and every Tattoo i have gotten so far and as mentioned before, the collection is steady growing.

My last edition has been created by Joao Bosco of Self Sacrifice

Those guys are really cool and very helpful and friendly. They have also just moved adress to Wardour street in Soho, just opposite pret a manger, but i will find out the exact adress later and update it!

Joao isn’t just a very talented Tattooist, but also a bloody good laugh! He sweetens up the sessions with a spot of singing which is always good fun. The piece of art he created so far on my leg is the biggest tattoo i have yet , and will continue to grow up the whole of my left side at some point. I have to say i am rather looking forward to it!

Summing up my experience with Tattoos so far i have to conclude one thing, and i even convinced my own grandmother with that argument.

If you get a Tattoo, look at it as if you are getting married to somebody. It will be for life and if you want to get rid of it, the consequences will be rather painful and expensive and it will always leave a mark on you 😉

you are more than welcome to quote me on that one 🙂

This section of my blog will surely expand as will by own body art, though for now this is all i have to say! Enjoy and feel free to share thoughts about it!



I think, it’s time to explain a little ,-or at least try and explain where my passion for the latter comes from…! I’ve loved poppies as long as i can think, though i guess, as i grow older i attach more meaning to them. Firstly, there is the color-RED- my favorite color. Though, the fact that such a fragile flower has such a vibrant color even if the petals are almost translucent, always made it more special to me then-lets say..a rose.

my actual arm 🙂

Then there is the fact, that once you cut a poppy and try to keep it alive in a vase, it will very soon just die on you…yet the same flower blossoms just fine on wasteland…!

And of course there is the opium…!

Not enough that a whole field of poppies looks strikingly beautiful, but it can actually kill you . Since when you stroll through it to long you will get sedated, at some point pass out and finally simply die of starvation…!

Yet also poppy seeds make a delicious ingredient in cake and on bread too 😉

But really,- having sung the praises to my favorite flower, i think, i’m just mostly drawn to it’s fragile beauty, since- all the other qualities left aside- a poppy to me is just beauty in perfection, and that needs no explaining….!

Last but not least, i suppose a lovely side effect to my little obsession has always been, that literarily  all of my friends and my family think of me whenever they come across a poppy, and that alone is a pretty nice thing too!!!

As for another very common image in my paintings -THE PIGEON-

I don’t actually recall, how that started. I think it was that poor little thing in the backyard of our salon. A pigeon with a broken wing, that i fed for about two weeks until i called the PSPBA to come and pick it up, as it just didn’t get any better 😦

In the meantime however i had some interesting conversations about pigeons.

Generally spoken, i like pigeons. And as it is with all animals for me,..the uglier, the more i feel sorry for them and have some kind of fond feelings towards them because of it.

I mean, to be realistic, in the end it’s our fault that most of them look so scruffy in the first place. It’s all the pollution we cause. To me, pigeons are city birds and somewhat belong here, as it would look really weird if they wouldn’t be there anymore, just like the sparrow is gone over here already..!

Fair enough, they shit everywhere, and you will also have lots of people saying that you can catch diseases of them. Well, personally i never caught anything of a pigeon, so that’s a weird rumor as i don’t know anyone who has either…!

don't lick the pigeons ...:)

I find it rather amusing and actually quite heart warming to watch a group of pigeons sometimes, as they are so social and communal animals.

When that injured bird sat in our court yard, it would only ever eat, when other pigeons came to join it.

So, i still don’t know exactly why i use pigeons to express certain feelings in my paintings but they somehow seem fitting in my mind.

so there it is…my two red lines … i did try 😉

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