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Give your old clothes a new exciting lease of life….

That was the headline under which i intended the following photo shoot.

I somewhat wanted to make my monster friends a little more sexy, which, with the help of my two beautiful lady friends Anne von Bengard and Franzi Boehm actually turned out to be a real treat for tired eyes, as they basically removed all there clothes to help promote the recycling of old clothes, which is what my little Monsters are 😉

Once i had the idea, i advertised on facebook to people that would potentially be up for a fun project, which i could by no means afford to pay. So everybody involved has been part for the laugh of it, and obviously the wonderful pictures that have already emerged!

Chris Williams of and Carlos-Christian Nickel of                                                                         where pretty much the first two to reply and since i am a fan of both, i decided that it would be a good idea to get them both involved!

The rest of the team was made up out of Helen Dury, who is an extremely talented body-painter and Make up artist as well as the fiance of Chris Williams,- Anja Moehler, who is one of my closest friends as well as the lady in charge of the backstage pics. She also helped with everything there was to do in the background :). And there was me, who basically instigated the whole shoot- the creative director so to speak- as well as the hairstylist and stylist in general 😉

Okay, well in the correct order, it’s Me, Anja and then Helen- for those who don’t know!

As for the rest, there should have been Archibald von Bawdy- the journalist of Monsters and Kink, but he was still away on his travels to Barcelona fetish weekend with friends…

So, sadly, he couldn’t couldn’t join, which meant his cousin Edward von Bawdy had to stand in, and he had a pretty goof time 😉


He also joined me already to his first outing at Torture Garden which was fun (and so did Archy, who came along with my friend Paolo ;),- so sadly not light enough pics of him!)

The rest of the team are obviously- The Monsters and Ink family!


To give you a little sneaky peak of the shoot, i’ll attach some of those mouthwatering pics 😉

The result of the shoot can be seen on my website, that is still very much in progress and on the launch night of Monsters and Ink, which is also yet to be confirmed! They will be exhibited alongside the Monsters, as well as some of my Monster-artwork and at some point of the evening they will be auctioned off as well. So if you wanna get your hands on a print, be sure to be there, as there will be only a limited amount available!

All the Monsters i have made up to that point, will be also up for auction. Each of them is a one-off and will never be reproduced, as those are all my old clothes, and well- once they are gone- that’s it. After that, you are all very welcome to get your own custom made Monster out of that old favorite jumper-shirt or whatever else it is that you are sentimental about 😉

i will be producing some Monsters at the side, of my old clothes too, but will predominantly concentrate on the commissions.

All the information you need will be up on the website , which will be simultaneously launched to the auction, and i honestly recommend to subscribe to this blog, if you want to keep up to date with the development! I shall be updating on here how the site is coming along, as well as the progress of Monsters and Kink- which is in full swing, as i have been interviewing quite a few massively interesting individuals about their Kinks and quirks, and i gotta say- i am amazed,-inspired,-enlightened even, speaking to some of them. So if you are interested in what’s next, you know what to do ;P

That’s enough for today tho xxxx


On psychological origins of fetishism-by Archibald von Bawdy

Today I will give you another insight into Fetishism by going back to basics.

Also, Archibald will be going on a trip to Barcelona fetish weekend in a few days, so it will be his first intimate experience in the fetish world! Pictures will follow…


Meet ARCHIBALD VON BAWDY (aka -the guy who brings you Monsters and Kink)

Archibald von Bawdy is a Journalist @ Monsters and Kink. He will venture out into the rampant world of FETISHES to find out for you and for himself, what it is that most people still find so scary about the entire topic.

Not only will he explore what fetishes actually are, but with help of the various volunteers that have already signed up, he will try and get a better insight into what those fetishes actually mean to the individual.

All this will be accompanied by illustrations, which will turn volunteers into some of my monster creations, frankly to move away from commonly used imagery in fetish circles (which personally i quite enjoy) to draw attention to the core of the subject.


I feel there is still a great deal of ignorance, or simply lack of knowledge surrounding the fetish scene, which often leads to misunderstandings, misinterpreting, and blatant dismissing narrow mindedness.

For some, that might be the appeal to be part of that underground scene, yet for others it remains a struggle to accept their “different” side because society is still very quick to make a judgement, if something is not quite what’s considered the norm.

I love the fetish and alternative scene as nowhere else have i met so many flamboyant inspiring characters, met such great deal of open-minded individuals, as well as mutual respect towards each other. So with my comic, i want to try and share with the world what seems to be a subject very close to my heart, as well as to my life!

I am already excited about all the great insights i will no doubt experience on my journey with Archibald, as well as visualizing everything for all of you to get the same experience!


Maybe it will help some people to feel more at ease with being different, or for those like me who rather embrace to be different just an opportunity to learn and share with others- and of course join Mr. Von Bawdy on his titillating adventures! Lets see how it goes!!

For starters a little sneaky peak for those interested how it’ll be 😉






how Monsters became my favorite pastime, and old sins my greatest inspiration.

Right, ..having gone on about my dislike of some contemporary art as well as singing the praises about some important individuals in my life, let’s move on to the monster!

Monsters and ink- that’s what i have called my latest enterprise. It incorporates my new found love of sewing, my old passion of drawing, my curiosity  towards anything new, and perhaps a little alien too.

Those little monsters where born out of a simple need of a christmas present for somebody that basically doesn’t need anything.

What better way to approach this then to make something new out of something old! I created this little creature after a phone application, and basically got so much response, that i went ahead and made more of them, out of whatever shapes my brain could possibly think of.

This little fellow  was the start to something that by know promises to be something not only very exciting but also to  be something  quite lucrative.

I have thought up different alley’s to the main focus -monsters-, and what came out of that by now is the idea, that people send me their old favorite clothes,- something they have always been very fond of or something they frankly have some very intimate memories to, and therefore can’t part with,- so that i can create a very personal gift for them, or frankly something they love looking at.

The second alley would be the -ink- part, which incorporates not only drawing those little creatures, but also creating some kind of life around them.

The idea that i want to detach them from them being children’s toys, as suppose to adult collectors items, brought me to the thought of creating a comic, i.e. giving them personas, and a life on their own.

What better way to approach this then to attach a very difficult theme, such as Kink and Fetish- to something innocent and cuddly such as my little creatures.So born was “Monsters and Kink”, which will explore through different episodes what fetish actually is, why it’s not scary but rather a part of the human psyche, and why people usually rather through fear of the unknown, then through actual experience with the latter avoid any contact to that surreal world.

Fetishes are part of our day to day life and although the majority of people still like to exempt themselves from that. It’s a fact of life that “let’s play master and servant” is not just some coughed up song from the  80th but much more a reflection of human interaction. There has been and always will be a struggle for winning. and denying that is frankly being ignorant.

Anyhow, that will be prime subject of Monsters and Kink comics, and has yet to be realized.

The third, and one of my favorite parts of Monstermania is Photography!

I have thrown myself into a pot with creatives and out came the monster-photography project under the heading of ” give your old clothes a new exciting lease of life!”

Stunning models and incredibly creative concepts of nude photography mingled up with cheeky monsterliciousness will enchant your already confused mind !

So there- the three concepts that currently wont leave my mind rest , or think of much else for that matter, but i believe it’s a great idea, and it will – if nothing else- be an amazing project.

I have learned and experienced a lot in the past two years! I have been broken, -been put together again, i have cried, i have laughed and i have been inspired like i have never been before, and so i thank everybody how took part in that journey, be it deliberate or unintended! You have all been a great source of knowledge and inspiration for me!

I can only wait and see what will happen in the future, but i am more determined, inspired and positive then i have ever been, so i say “carpe diem” and good luck !


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